Thermomix Nut Free Fruit Balls

Apricot and Apple Thermomix Fruit Balls


This recipe is a bit sweeter than the date and coconut due to the addition of apricot and apple. Enjoy!

Makes approx 22 bite sized balls (depending on how large you make them)

Nut Free Fruit Balls Thermomix Recipe


100 dates (I use Medjool but dried will work just as well. Remember to remove seeds if using Medjool)

60g dried apricots

30g dried apple slices

90g desiccated coconut

Extra coconut for rolling



1. Combine all ingredients in Tmx bowl and mix at speed 7, 20 seconds.

2. Remove lid and scrape sides of bowl down, then process for a further 20 seconds at speed 8-9.

3. Shape teaspoon full amounts into balls and roll in coconut.

Store covered in fridge

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