Breville Boss To Go™ Plus

Breville Boss To Go™ Plus Review


With an absolute plethora of smoothie and juice makers on the market it really is hard to know what to choose.   We were lucky enough to be given a Breville Boss To Go™ Plus to try and we have loved it.  We've been pretty rough and thorough on it and having used a couple of these types of machines before, we can confidently say this has been a winner. 

Breville Boss To Go™ Plus Review

Here is what we have found:

  • It has a powerful 1000 watt motor - it was pretty exciting watching that totally obliterate my veggies the first few times.  
  • It does claim to be "up to 42% finer than some other blenders"  I have absolutely no doubt on this.   Having had two other competitors over the last couple of years i have never been able to make smoothies this smooth before.   There is not a trace of "bits" that the kids will spit out!
  • The base of the Boss To Go™ is made from heavy duty die-cast metal. The blade and bowl design is all stainless steel not plastic. Despite sounding heavy it doesn't move when in use and Its not heavy!   I like my bench space so the Breville Boss To Go™ Plus does need to go in a cupboard. I find it incredibly light for such a machine and its easy to pop in a cupboard and the cups are easy to stack and store.
  • Speaking of cups.  They are normal edged cups!  So you can drink out of them normally.  Yes there are competitors out there with cups that are not user friendly. The Breville Boss To Go™ Plus come with Smooth Edge Tritan® cups with travel lids 1 x 700ml and  2 x 500ml
  • The Breville Boss To Go™ Plus comes with a set of different size cups which is great, you can tailor to the desired amount.
  • Mills in seconds.  Seconds i tell you!!   If you are wanting to make nut butters, crush some nuts or mix up some seeds and things - you will love this!  Comes with a stainless steal cup for milling which is just over a cup in capacity and it is just so easy and smooth.
  • It also comes with a Recipe book which i found really helpful for quantities and inspiration.  There is lots of combinations which will get you started on being able to get some great value from this product.
  • The only thing i found difficult was the twisting on a off with the blade lid.  I have now got the hang of it but its just a little to big for my hands to get a full tight grip.  However that doesn't deter me from using it or would deter me from recommending it. 


You can find more information on the Breville Boss To Go™ Plus here on their website or it can easily be found at all good appliance retailers.

 Here we made the 'Dragon's Lair' from the Breville Boss To Go™ Plus  Recipe Book 


A quick and easy Banana Nutella treat in the Breville Boss To Go™ Plus!  

My kids love this afterschool. 

2x bananas,

2 tablespoons of Nutella,

2 tablespoons of Chia seeds

and a handful of ice.



Our favourite creation!

2 small green apples

1 small handful of mint

1 handful of pineapple

2 tablespoons of vanilla yoghurt

1 table spoon of water


The milling option is just so good, we've made some great things including our own LSA mix and some Almond Butter.  

We made these beautiful Walnut Palimers using the Breville Boss To Go™ Plus you can see the recipe by clicking here or on the image below.

Walnut Palimers Recipe

 Thanks to Breville for giving us a Breville Boss To Go™ Plus for review.



 Breville Boss To Go™ Plus

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