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Ever wondered what Lite n' Easy is like?


I was given the opportunity the other week to try Lite n' Easy for a week. I like many had seen the televistion ads and heard of people using it but had wondered what the food was actually like.  Was it really any good??  Was it good value??  

Lite n' Easy Review

Well it was interesting, in a good way.  Would i do it again? There were more positives than i thought.

I had a weeks worth of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in the Summer Menu.  I didn't choose anything, I just had them send me a week.

Initial thoughts...  Wow thats a lot of food.   The food arrived well sealed, packed and there was plenty of things keeping it cool.  I was happy with that i was thinking what if its out all day before i get home and my consultant did assure me it would be kept well and she was totally correct.  So I'd be happy knowing that I dont have to be home waiting for delivery.

Plan ahead.  You will need fridge and freezer space.  I only had 1200 calories a day which is not a lot at all but it does take up a bit of room.

When you put your frozen food package into the microwave it does not come out like a cafe served meal. Just like most food advertising its not that pretty.   I didnt re-serve my meals so they looked pretty in a beautiful photo complimentary crockery. I took full advantage of the fact the dish washing, drying, putting away for the week chores would be down - woo hoo!  I was more than happy just to peel back the lid and eat from the microwaveable dish it came in.

All the fresh food i received, all the fruit and vegetables were good quality and in great condition. That had been one of the things i wondered whether the fresh food would be as good as the ones i am super picky about when i shop in store.  I was happy with it all.  The kids thought the tiny apples were hilarious BUT i am calorie counting here.

The meals

You need to keep in mind they are catering to the mass,  They are standard, quite tasty, simply presented meals.  As that I was quite impressed. I did however add pepper, chilli or herbs to some dishes to meet my tastes.



Breakfast & Snacks

Breakfasts were a combination of fresh food, packaged muesli and yoghurt's and a couple of cooked breakfasts.  I liked all the breakfasts, some mornings seemed a little sweet to my regular breaky but all enjoyable.  The meals you need to cook come with a recipe card so the omelette's comes with all the ingredients and a recipe card so you don't even have to think, just follow the instructions.  I often didn't eat my fruit till later or at all as the meals were enough.

I had:

Honey Muesli Flakes, Multi grain Toast with Plum Jam, Vanilla Pears with Orange Syrup

Fresh Omelette (Two Eggs,Ham & Tomato Mix and Cheese), Fresh Fruit.

Nut Cluster Crunch Cereal, Soy & Linseed Toast with Butter and Vegemite, Fresh Fruit

Bacon, Egg and Fresh Breakfast Tomato on Multi grain Toast, Fresh Fruit

Almond Toasted Muesli with skim milk,Soy & Linseed,Toast with Strawberry Jam, Fresh Fruit

Smokehouse Ham,Tasty Cheese and Tomato on Multi grain Toast, Dried Fruit Mix.

Fruity Almond Crunch Cereal, Blueberry Yoghurt, Peach Cup.


Lunches & Snacks

Lunches were my least favourite out of the meal times, there was one i tried then gave to hubby (I think thats actually pretty good out of the amount of food i received). Sometimes i ate the snacks, most of the time i didn't as i just wasn't hungry. I guess if you were doing the Lite 'n Easy for weight loss purposes you'd eat the snacks to keep your metabolism up.

I had:

Caesar Salad with Chicken & Smokehouse Ham and Creamy Dressing. Fresh Fruit, Tomato Bruschetta on Ciabatta Toast. (i put my Bruschetta on the salad for more flavour)

Beef Rissole's with Walnut & Apple Coleslaw, Berries & Cherries with Vanilla Yoghurt and Toasted Almonds.

Thai Salad with Sliced Chicken Breast, Hoisin Dressing and Roasted Peanuts, BBQ Seed & Nut Mix Fruit.

Chicken &Vegetable Risotto, Orange, Double Chocolate Cake.

Sliced Roast Chicken Breast, Guacamole, Tomato and Baby Cucumber in a Wrap, Passionfruit Yoghurt,Fruit.

Sesame Beef Noodles, Pear Cup, Maple Coconut Crunch.

Chicken Teriyaki, Red Apple, Sweetly Salted Popcorn.



I had a wide range of dinners a little from across the range. All the dinners were pretty good.  The sizing although looked small were actually pretty decent servings.  Really for someone else cooking my dinner every night i had absolutely no complaints!!   All dinners were about 8mins in the microwave and were such an easy and enjoyable meal solution.

I had:

Spaghetti Bolognaise- Al dente spaghetti with a rich, chunky ground beef Bolognaise sauce,topped with grated Parmesan cheese.

Braised Chicken & Almonds- Tender chicken pieces and vegetables with toasted almonds and served with fried rice.

Tasmanian Salmon Pasta- Tasmanian salmon and fettuccine in a delicious white sauce with tomato, herbs and broccoli topped with Parmesan cheese.

Lamb Roast- Traditionally carved roasted lamb topped with our signature gravy and served with baked vegetables.

Sausages & Onion Gravy-Prime beef sausages smothered in a traditional onion gravy, served with creamy mashed potato and vegetables

Savoury Beef Rissoles- Homestyle rissoles topped with our signature gravy, served with creamy mashed potato and garden vegetables.

Butter Chicken-  Chicken breast pieces in an authentic mild creamy sauce,served with basmati rice.

 Liteneasy review

Would I Use

Lite n' Easy again?  

Yep, I'd be happy to purchase their meals, i think value for money the 1200calorie week i had was pretty good value.   If i was to do it again, now that i know some of the meals i'd be a little more choosy to suit my tastes but thats all up to the individual.

I have also considered just buying some of the dinners so some nights like late afternoon kids sports trainings i dont have to stress if i havent organised dinner and i dont even have to contemplate a drive through somewhere. Dinner is in the freezer.  They also have smaller meals so if you just want snack size or kids size its perfect.

I really had no negatives at all about the whole week.


Did it make me lose weight?

I dont think 1 week of Lite n' Easy is going to make that much of a difference to my weight. 

I think it would assist if you needed to bring down some calorie intake.  Needed to bring your meal portions into control.  Also for someone like me - if your whole three meals a day and eating breakast at all needs to be looked at this could be a good place to start, it did help having it already there for me to get into a bit of a routine of eating more regulary.


Who would i reccomend this to?

Well i think theres a few different senarios this would be good for.

Busy people - Too busy to cook?  Too busy to think about what you are going to eat?   This is a very easy, planned, versatile, option.

Mums - Do you just eat the kids leftovers?  Can't be bothered cooking seperate meals?  Too tired, busy, apathetic to think about food for yourself?  I think this would be good to get you back to eating better. 

New Mums - Now I  was really thinking about new parents and what a great gift to themselves or gift someone could give them for when the new baby arrives.   A month of not having to think about food, food shopping, cooking meals, cleaning up all the mess in the kitchen, dragging a new baby to the supermarket, trying to juggle a new baby and bags of groceries.   Yes sure you'll still need to go to the shop but a month of not having to worry about meals and knowing that you are both eating well is really worth it.  

People looking for assistance in weight control - see paragraph above.

Single people - Get home from work and look in the fridge theres nothing there?  or There is lots there and you can't be bothered cooking for one?   Do you seem to waste a lot of food becuase you just dont eat it all before it goes bad?  This would be great for you i think.   You dont have to get three meals a day you can just get a stack of dinners or a get a few weeks and keep some of the freezer meals so you have a ready cooked meal when you need it.


I honestly just loved someone else doing the cooking for a change.  Yes i still cooked for the rest of the family but it was nice having someone cook for me.  I often go without breakfast - i know, i know but I do and i did really enjoy getting up and having breakfast and not even having to think about it i just took the right day bag out and its done.  too easy. 

There is different weeks to choose from there is suggestions of plans or you can make your own.  There is also more variety than i assumed there was. You can contact Lite n' Easy pretty easy and the staff i spoke with were really helpful and nice to talk with so any questions send them an email or call them.

Really if its something you have thought of trying but not really sure what its like.  I dont think you are going to be disappointed. 


You can find Lite n' Easy here on their website or here on their facebook page.




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