Little Bellies Review and Giveaway


I don’t think I’m an overly strict mumma who only lets their children eat particular foods and I’m not a nutritionist or expert on snack foods but I do more than often by pass the snack and lunch box foods in the supermarkets for my own home made options or good ol’ fruit.  I have however found a brand I am loving and i'm so excited to tell you about them and even better we're lucky enough to have a giveaway on them! 

"little bellies" is an Australian Family Owned company who are trying to keep their kids and ours in  Organically certified healthier snack food options. 

I had the privilege of spending the morning with some of the"little bellies" family recently and trying their great range of healthier food options aimed at younger Children. 

My little Miss also loved trying all the products and checking its throwing and eating off the floor suitability. Honestly I was surprised of how many products she actually enjoyed and the foods I thought she’d avoid are now on my permanent shopping list.

We love the Little Gingerbread Men made with whole-grains and sweetened only with grape juice, there are no added preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours. They are a little bigger than some smallish teddy bears you can buy which i find great because the little ones can hold them better and they tend to eat less of them as they bite them rather than guzzle them whole.

I've also used these recently as cake toppers and served them at parties as an alternative to chips.

All of my kids to my surprise are loving the cereal. I’m not sure whether its just because they are numbers or what but the Peach flavour seems to be a winner. I love the fact it is a cereal low in sodium and sugar and made only with organic ingredients.  We use this as a snack food, I take little containers of numbers with me for baby to snack on.  I have also used it as a number teaching exercise!

My favourite is the cheesy Fiddlesticks.  These a great we can demolish these so fast.  Serve with some dip or yoghurt and some vegies and you have a quick lunch done.   Great to pack in lunch boxes or if you're peckish in the middle of the night to dunk into some hommous.

If you’d like to know more about cooking, recipes and food info for babies and children you can visit Mandy over at  Little People Nutrition. Great website with lots of ideas. You can follow Mandy's facebook page too 

You can check out all the products on the "little bellies" website or on their facebook page. 

They are found in most the major supermarkets. Ours are in the baby food aisle. 


Insert drum roll here …

The fabulous Little Bellies family are generously giving one of our followers a gift pack of their goodies to try!   

Yay thank you.

All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter entry below.   Australian residents only.

Winners will be drawn Saturday 13th July 2013.   

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