george foreman mix and go pro review 

George Foreman Mix and Go Pro Review


I think if you follow my social media platforms you would have seen how much fun I have had playing with the new George Foreman Mix and Go Pro.

I've loved testing its abilities and playing with the buttons - as you do!   Thanks George Foreman for sending me a Pro to use, I am love with the new edition to my kitchen.

George Foreman Mix and Go Pro Review


The features i love:

I like to adjust the speeds as i create, the Mix and Go Pro has a "Smoothie" touch button that blends with the speed variances so you get it all in and blended properly without having to shake it around.  Everything is touch button and easy to do.

Big jug or bottle.  If its a soup, salsa, pancakes or milkshakes all round then you can use the big 1.5ltr Glass Jug which has cup markings on the Jug (thank you designers)   or if its just a single drink or two small juices/smoothies for the kids then you can very easily just swap in the 600ml BPA free drink bottles.

It chops through chunks of food and ice.  Not a whole large carrot but you can chop pretty basic and throw it in and it blends it so well.  Ice and frozen fruit no problems at all. I threw in whole frozen bananas and it whipped through them.

Its so easy to take apart and clean and pop back together.  Most bits can go in the dishwasher but even just the rinsing is sooo much easier when you can get to all the bits.  The whole base of the 1.5ltr jug just unscrews and the glass can go straight in the dishwasher!  Awesome design.

 What we've been making

Makes a mexican meal in minutes!

tomato salsa recipe   Guacamole recipe


 Quick and easy drinks



George Foreman

Mix & Go PRO

Model No: 21820AU

RRP: $79.95

  • 800 Watts
  • Advanced Fusion Blade Technology
  • 3 Speed settings + Pulse
  • Pre-programmed smoothie setting
  • Includes;

 - 1.5L Glass Jug

 - 600ml BPA free personal bottle and lid

  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability
  • Cord storage
  • 12 month warranty




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