Are you ruthless with food retailers? I am. 


Disappoint me with price, service or food quality and you're lucky if i come back.  

I very very rarely complain or make a fuss  - I just don't come back.

I will drive for a good experience and currently i don't think any local small business can afford to be losing customers. I will be loyal to you and give you my hard earnt money if you look after me. I will give you a fair chance. 

If i get something not so great i may blame the weather, storage, shipping conditions etc. A bad apple i may think oh well you weren't to know that. But do it more than a couple of times and Mr Fresher up the road has just got my business.

If your staff are rude or unkowledgeable on their products or if i feel i am a hassle to someones day i will not be back. I worked too many years in retail and hospitality to know its not that bloody hard to fake it. 

If you supply me with the wrong product. I order raw shelled green prawns and get home to find cooked imported prawns in my package. I will not be back. Sorry instant fail. If I ask for thin slice i want thin, I want shaved i will ask for shaved. If you are unsure, ASK me, better to ask than to give me the wrong thing. 

If you quite clearly don't check your stock or rotate your stock or display your stock correctly. I will not buy that product. I am not buying your out of date stock and sorry i will now never buy that product from you because my time is more valuable than to go searching through for current stock. 

Word of mouth can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Mums talk ... we do.  We all want whats best for our family. Best price (not necessarily the cheapest), Best quality, Best range, Best staff, Best everything. You chose to open a food retail business - why would you not want to be the best?

I WILL tell my friends and family on my experiences especially if i have a bad one. Think about it - Two schools, swim club, rugby club - two groups, social groups, playgroup, mothers group, neighbours, family, work colleagues not to mention facebook accounts, twitter, instagram, tumblr and one Blog ..... I talk to alot of different people in one week. 


Train your staff. 

I know it takes time, costs money, they don't stay long yada yada yada. Use your computer type, print and laminate your expectations of your staff and leave it somewhere for them to constantly see and remind themselves of. Can you afford to be paying staff to stand around doing nothing, chatting to each other or looking lost when there is ALWAYS something that can be done. 

Laminate a cleaning checklist for staff to constantly do. Check the floors for debris, clean counters, glass doors, fridge seals, wipe shelves etc. Mums like cleanliness. I like clean shops. I like the appearance of organisation. 

Train your staff. 

Its easy. You get a new cheese in you'd like your staff to sell it.  Put a postcard size note up on your side of the counter with points on that product (google it if you don't know! ask the sales rep for information) They can't sell something they know nothing about.  Its from where? would go with what? tastes like?  If you are promoting something i am nearly always willing to give a go but if i ask a question about it and the staff don't know i lose my faith in your ability to sell me something worth trying. 

Whilst you are working ON your business (and i hope you are) they are working IN your business. The customer sees which one?  You're paying them -  use them. 

Have a retail business and want my opinion?  email me happy to help us both!

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