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Comforting and Delicious. Perfect for cooler nights

 Chicken Mushroom and Cashew Risotto


Cut and Prepare everything to go before you cook.

You’ll need a large cooking dish. I use a large frying pan with high sides and a lid which is handy.


Firstly over medium to high in the dry pan heat  throw in your Cashews till they have a bit of colour watch them they’ll burn fast. Take them out and leave them aside put your pan back on the heat  

(don’t clean your pan between stages there is no need)

In your pan place

Stir your mushrooms till cooked through.

Using tongs squeeze out your mushrooms into a bowl and put the pan back on the heat. You should have some blackish mushroom and garlic oily water left in your pan

 (If you don’t that’s ok add a little more oil so your Chicken doesn't stick and turn your pan down a little).

Add Your Chicken till just cooked through and then remove.

OKAY now to add it all together.In your pan put

Stir the Rice quickly until it has absorbed the Oil

Then add 1 cup of your Stock. Keep stirring.  

You don’t want the rice sticking to the bottom, if it is a lot turn your pan down a little till you can handle it quickly but comfortably.

Once the rice has absorbed that add another cup of rice and 2 cups of Aborio.

Keep stirring till absorbed then add the last of the Stock.

Whilst its being absorbed throw in your Chicken and Mushrooms and Green Shallots.

Once this is absorbed have a taste the rice should be soft enough to eat without being mushy at all. If it’s a little hard in the middle you can add a little more water or stock. 

Your rice should be good.  Turn off the heat. 

The heat of the rice will warm everything through.

Stir through your Cashews and Paprika.   

You can add extra grated cheese if you like it cheesy put we just have some on top to serve.

Please note I am not a chef of cook I’m a mum. This is I’m sure not the most professional way to make a risotto in fact its probably a crime to call it that but you know what,  It looks like one, it tastes like the ones I order in restaurants, It is quick and easy, uses minimal dishes and makes a mountain of food.