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Zucchini Pizza this week at Mums Take Five.


Zucchini Pizza

Find the biggest zucchini you can and slice them evenly lengthways about 2mm thick.

Rub over some crushed garlic and then top with tomato sauce (you want a thicker sauce so add tomato paste if you need)

Cover with grated Cauliflower, Capsicum and chopped chives (use any veggies you like but go with the less is more theory for it to cook evenly)

I sprinkled half with grated parmesan and half with tasty to cover all the kids preferences.

Oven bake for about thirty minutes.

How are we this week? Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

This week i pulled an oldie but a goody with my kids. We all love pizza and Zucchini but not everyone is keen on Cauliflower and last week i had purchased a massive Cauliflower from the markets and had to find a million ways to use it.  

So i pulled the old "Its Pizza" on them with these and they ate them all up and no one queried the bits of white stuff on them.  i love these too i could eat so many of them.  I even rolled the left overs and had them for lunch the next day.