Do you need images for your website, blog or social network ?

 Images.  Its pretty well known fact that social media posts perform better when they are visually appealing and to be visually appealing, most people use an image.

A pretty photo. A handy infographic. A created graphic.   

Images For Your Site And Social Platforms

There are different ways to get images :

  • Use your own.
  • Use Stock library.
  • Public Domain Listed.
  • Use someone else's image.

Use your own

By far the safest and easiest method.  Take your own photo or create your own image.   Not your thing?  Outsource.  Get a friend or hire someone to edit your images or create some images for you.


Stock Library

Libraries full of images you can use; cool huh.
Be sure you know and understand what you are able to use that image for.  Some have restrictions. Some have requirements. Some aren't actually supposed to be in these “stock libraries”. 
If you don't understand or don't want to take the risk use the libraries where you pay for the image. You should still check the copyright and requirements but it's a much safer method. Want to be really really really sure it's ok there is usually an email or link to the artist.


Public Domain Listed

These are images that have no or have never had any copyright restrictions on them.  Public Domain are images that you can use both privately or commercially without any requirements.  There are libraries where you can find these images. Just be sure the particular image you want use definitely has no copyright restrictions that could open you up to infringements.


Use someone else's image

My advice is contact the owner of the image directly BEFORE you use their image and ASK.  It's not yours. Ask before you steal, borrow, use….  whatever you want to call it ASK the owner before.  Save yourself the pain, stress, hassle and possibly lots of money should the owner not want you using their work.

I think most cases the owner of the image would probably say yes as long as you give them full credit.  Keep reading if you’d like to know what that means.
If they say no, respect and move on.

What if you don't know who owns the image?

My best advice is don't use it.  Find another image.  
If the image information isn't thorough or you’re not sure of its copyright laws, same advice - don't use it.    Find something else or take your own.



Well maybe you are aware maybe you aren't but there is an etiquette.  You credit and acknowledge someone's work whether it is a quote of their words or their image.  
You might think you’ll sneak by, no one will notice or care and maybe you will BUT at a minimum YOUR credibility/business/blog will be noticed and possibly thought of as less favourable by those who do know the etiquette.


What happens if someone contacts you about their image that you have used ?

Hopefully its the owner of the image not their solicitor.  If someone doesn't want you to use their photo, quote, infographic or words even though you have gone out of your way and credited them in every way you possibly can -  Just take it down.  It is not worth the trouble or fight.  Its someone else's, they said no, take it down.  Hopefully for you it ends there.


images for social media use



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