D’Lumiere Esthetique  Review

For the last two months or so i have been using D’Lumiere Esthetique which is a premium skincare range designed and developed by renowned Australian Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Daniel Lanzer. I was gifted some products to try. I certainly have been happy with them and happy to share them here. Perhaps you've seen them on TV or in a magazine ? I have noticed D’Lumiere Esthetique in the media lately.

D’Lumiere Esthetique

D’Lumiere Esthetique Australia

I'm always happy to try something new and I love that these world class products have been designed and made right here in Australia. I have enjoyed trialling these products and could definitely recommend them if you have been considering to try them.
I have noticed a positive change in skin condition and enjoy using the products.  I like textures and lightness of products, they do not leave my skin sticky or heavy and don't have any overpowering perfumes.

D’Lumiere Esthetique’s products are Australian made, highly potent and include active ingredients, containing liposomes for increased absorption and plant derived (Candle Tree) DNA extract to protect and heal the skin. They contain the highest percentage of Vitamin C and AHA that is allowed to be in home products. They are paraban free and there is no testing on animals.

Anti-ageing is a primary target of the range, with focus on creating a light and fresh appearance by reducing dullness, wrinkles, pigmentation, congestion and scarring, Other benefits include collagen production, reduced inflammation and strengthening of the skin’s barrier response. So I guess being 40 now this is exactly what I should be using on a daily basis. Years of outdoor sunshine loving needs to be reloved.
Here is some of the products I have been using:
DEEP PURIFYING CLEANSER This cleanser contains all the necessary natural ingredients you need to remove the chemicals and products that attach to our skin through normal, everyday living. I find it a great daily cleanser its not oily and doesn't dry out my skin. Its great at removing make up too.

AHA 20% ANTI AGING SERUM Anti Aging Serum uses these natural acids to penetrate your skin and promote skin cell renewal. This process revitalises old skin and helps to reverse the effects of premature aging caused by exposure to harmful UV rays also moisturises and protects while it cleanses. There is two types available in this product one water based and a creamy one pending on what you need.

ANTIOXIDANT SERUM "A powerful antioxidant, this serum helps protect from free radicals, while stimulating collagen and increased cell renewal deep beneath the skin" "strengthen your skin barrier’s response to UV rays, reduces skin inflammation and makes sunblock more effective on older skin".  This product helps protect and repair from UV damage and helps in the production of collagen.

LIGHTENING ESSENCE SOLUTION "Effects of premature aging by targeting the pigmentation that emphasises your skin’s photo-damage. This helps reverse the signs of premature aging, like age spots and skin discolouration and gives your skin a noticeably even complexion and skin tone.   D’Lumiere Esthetique Lightening Essence Solution is a natural product and a nourishing antioxidant that enriches while it lightens, leaving you with healthy, more even looking skin"


I've been surprised with how efficient these products have been so quickly. I have certainly noticed the difference in skin tone and my skin certainly feels better. I've noticed it not only on my face but also décolletage area which I think is probably my most exposed and most neglected areas. I look forward to continuing to use these products and see a lovely and refreshed me for 2018!  

You can see the whole range and see more of this Australian made and owned brand here on the D’Lumiere Esthetique website.