Hivita Liquivita for Kids

Do your kids take a multi vitamin?

I do give my kids a multi vitamin on a regular basis and I know how tricky it can be to find the right one.  Lets face it they're not cheap, they can have confusing ingredients and they can be full of sugar.   Investigating and studying the bottles in the supermarket can be ... frustrating.    We were asked to take a look at the Hivita brand recently and we were actually relieved when we could compare some brands and we now know we are giving our kids the best option for a multi vitamin supplement.

Hivita Liquivita for Kids Review and Trial Code

Whether its to supplement a waivering healthy diet, cold and flu season, end of term run downs or sometimes I think we just have busy lives and the kids could use a boost to keep them all going strong, I do regularly give my kids a multi vitamin.

A supplement that is worth giving is the next trick. The amount of sugar in some supplements concerns me, marketing them as a treat isn't what I'm looking for.   I "sell" it to my children exactly what it is "Here have a boost of vitamins and stuff to help keep you healthy". Its not sugar coated and its not supposed to be a lolly!  
I also wonder what some of those magical ingredients are?  you know the ones you can't even say?!   They worry me.

An Australian made brand with ingredients I can recognise, a company I can contact and research I can read makes me feel comfortable. Much more comfortable than fun shapes and sugar crystals.
Lately we have been using the Hivita Liquivita for Kids Its a complete multivitamin for kids. It has 30 active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs) It has a natural pineapple and mango flavour and there are no artificial colours or flavours.

The Hivita Liquivita for Kids multivitamin also has no added glucose or sucrose which ultimately makes it a much better choice for me to give my kids.

I feel reassured knowing that this Australian formulated and Australian made multivitamin for kids is actually helpful and will support their healthy immune system, their growth and development.

The cooler weather is coming and the cold and flu season about to start. Winter sports have started with cold and wet training and games. We have another chaotic term with our busy family life and yes sometimes we have less than optimal diets. With all this in mind I can assure you I will have the Hivita Liquivita for Kids on hand at breaky for all the kids to take a daily booster of their multivitamins.

Hivita Liquivita for Kids

Hivita Liquivita for Kids is available in all good chemists and health food stores and is also available to buy online (free shipping for all orders over $60.00)


We'd happily recommend for you to give Hivita with your family and Hivita of course would love you to give them a go too. 

Thanks to the lovely people at Hivita they have a very generous offer exclusive for Mums Take Five readers:

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Click the logo below and head to the Hivita website.

Hivita Liquivita for Kids

"The creators of Hivita have been at the forefront of the complementary medicine industry for over 25 years, with extensive experience formulating most of Australia’s highest profile vitamin brands including Swisse and Blackmores. Now the team is bringing their passionate expertise and innovative thinking to Hivita. 

Hivita is dedicated to helping every family get the most out of life by improving their wellness and vitality every day. This is a commitment they take very seriously.

Their premium, Australian made products are based on the highest possible standards,the finest quality ingredients, the most stringent research and scientific evidence.

This uncompromising approach to everything Hivita does means you can have absolute confidence that, with Hivita, you are using the best possible supplements for your family’s everyday well being.

Hivita may not be the biggest vitamin brand, but it’s quite possibly the best."

Hyvita Kids