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Australian made and owned The Bronzer has you covered

Summer is nearly here, the weather is warmer and its time to break out the shorts, skirts and summer dresses.  

Do you fake it ?   I do.  I try to avoid doing any more sun damage to my skin and when I put my first skirt on for the season i always think ... wowzers i could use some colour! 

I've used The Bronzer for a couple of Summers now.  I even use the Instant Tan (the orange one)  in winter when i'm wearing a singlet, going to a party or something and need some instant colour.  The Bronzer is an Australian owned and made company that has been solving Aussies need for the skin without the sun for over 15 years.

I'm more than happy to share The Bronzer with you its a great reliable brand that i use often and have never had any issues.


The Fakeover with The Bronzer


The Bronzer Gradual Tan - RRP: $14.95

"The Bronzer Gradual Tan is the perfect everyday moisturiser, gradually developing an even and natural looking tan each day. Enriched with the goodness of goat’s milk, a natural skincare ingredient used for centuries, the Gradual Tan is perfect fort hose who suffer from sensitive skin issues but still want to achieve a natural glow."

Its light and easy to apply, non greasy and yes it is a gradual tan so a little colour and then you apply more later on.   It takes a few hours to see a colour change and it is slight but if you are just after a very natural look with a little change then this is for you.  The smell on this one was my least favourite but its nothing terrible just compared to the other two ...











The Bronzer Instant Tan (with or without shimmer) - RRP: $24.95

"Need a quick fix or have a last minute date? The Bronzer Instant Tan will be your new best friend. This fast absorbing gel formula lasts for one night and washes off with water when no longer required. It is paraben and fragrance free making the product suitable for sensitive skin, The Bronzer Instant Tan takes 60 seconds to dry and then you’re ready to step out the door sporting a radiant glow. The Instant Tan is also available in shimmer for that extra special sparkle!"

 I use the one with the shimmer.  This is a bronzer - like an instant colour changer  think body builders in a competition.  So you have to be rather light with it and definite where you want it, do light layers.   I find it much easier to add a little into moisturiser in my palm and then put it on my skin. You need to act fast with this one, but its easy and instant.

Great if you're about to walk out the door to a party catch yourself in the mirror and wish your skin had a little more tan! 










The Bronzer Self Tan - RRP: $24.95

This luminous cream is enriched with Vitamin A and E, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and green tea while smelling like delicious coconuts! The product is golden brown,enabling easy streak-free application and ensuring you will never miss a spot again! 

Apply once and the colour will last up to 7 days!

This is probably my favourite of the three.  It goes on easy, it doesn't streak and blends in well.  I love love love the smell of this one its like being on a tropical holiday :)     The colour does last a few days so thats ideal for me.














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