Vtech Scret Safe Diary


Secret Safe Diary Selfie Music

Vtech one of our long loved kids brands have a new release it is the 'Secret Safe DiarySelfie Music' .

We've been checking out the 'Secret Safe DiarySelfie Music' over the last few weeks and I can confidently say it has been a well loved and used gift!  

My six year old is loving .... really loving her Vtech Secret Safe Diary

New Release Vtech Secret Safe Diary


Vtech Secret Safe Diary Selfie Music

Of course what is not to love?! 

You can protect your thoughts and dreams with the Secret Safe Diary Selfie Music.


Write diary entries, make a photo journal or record messages and keep them safe.

facial recognition software unlocks the journal only when it

It recognises your face!  You can also add a number password for extra security.

Looking after your virtual pet is popular especially when they are happy to see you!

Front and rear cameras, so you can take selfies - essential.

Take photos or yourself or your friends and add cool costumes and accessories.

Make videos and theres lots of ways to make them pretty!

Play learning games (math, logic and typing games)

Play music from the device or your own SD card.

It also has a calendar, time and an alarm feature.

Mums  Australia  Vtech Secret Safe Diary

Secret Safe Diary Selfie Music is suitable for children 6-11 years, and available now from good toy stores and online retailers.

and from Big W in June for a limited time.



New Release Vtech Secret Safe Diary  1


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