New stationery to inspire and motivate you

Its back to school again and what better way to get back into it than with a new decked out desk thanks to Smash Enterprises. Yeah the lunch box people are now doing stationery and who doesn't love cool stationery!

Smash Stationery Review

Exclusively everyday available from BigW there is four new ranges to choose from all with fabulously cool coordinated goodies.

Urban Graphic
Get serious with some street cred. Walk the walk and talk the talk with this cool range.  Think tyre tracks, skateboards, arrows and caps.. cool kids have this for sure!

Neo Galaxy
Perhaps a galaxy to take you far far away is more your style? Create an out of this world space to create and inspire you. Love the planner and binders in this range.

Paint and Play
I love this fun and colourful range and its sure to lighten and brighten any creative workspace.  How can you not feel creative with this range of paint swirls and strokes.

Other Realm
Welcome to a world of imagination. Create a magical desk full of unicorns, glitter and sparkle to excite. Love the ice cream pencil cases, mermaid backpacks and unicorn erasers.


Smash Stationery Range

We checked out the Urban Graphic Range with thanks to Smash and my son who was the lucky receiver in our family is loving his new fit out.  We like the folders in lever arch, the ring binders, A4 Paper holders and notepads with elastic binding. His favourite picks would be the skateboard rulers and the arrow pens and paper-clips.  The Smash Urban Graphic range looks to be well made, good value and we've enjoyed using it.    I have taken a notepad for myself and a ring notepad and ok I couldn't resist a couple of arrow paper-clips.

Stationery Range from Smash


 The Smash stationery range is available now exclusively at BigW with the Neo Galaxy range available from the 15th July.

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