Smiggle into a new school year

The Summer holidays have nearly come to an end... some will find this sad.. some excited and some just relieved lol

Smiggle Back To School

Smiggle Into A

New School Year

Back to school, back to routines, back to homework and packed lunches. We've stocked up this year with our back to school goodies with thanks to Smiggle. So although Summer is coming to an end, we'll have the happiest, brightest and most fun stationery to brighten our day and make us smile like our dream of an endless summer.

Pencil cases, lunch boxes, drink bottles, bags, pens, scissors... rulers tick tick tick!  As my baby starts her first year at school making sure its a positive start is my current priority. Having stationery that she loves and is so excited to use and take to school is a great way to start. Thanks Smiggle for helping her get very very excited about starting school.

Heres some of the Smiggle goodies we have chosen for her new big school adventure!

Squad Strap Hardtop Lunchbox  - RRP$32.95

This is quite a large lunch box I agree BUT its going to be perfect to take for all our after school activities. It has two compartments both separately zipped and both insulated. Its been so handy out and about over the holidays.  Even if you want to put food in the bottom and just use the top part to carry stuff.

Squad Triple Pocket Kit - RRP$34.95

We have two! 1 for school and one for homework.  One of my biggest tips is to have a spare pencil case at home with everything you need for homework.  It stays with me in my kitchen cupboard and is only used for homework, its solves so much time and hassles looking for pencils, sharpeners etc when we just need the homework done quickly. These triple pockets are great come in a variety of colours and graphics. Everything you need for school and home.

Smiggle Back to School

1x A6 Squad Lined Exercise Notebook - RRP$1.95  & 1x A5 Squad Lined Exercise Notebook - RRP$2.95 

I always have a notebook or two in my bag. Now Miss is a bit older she carries her own (or lets face it she puts her things in my bag for me to carry)  These small lined books are great for practising her letters and numbers in, playing games and drawing.

4 In 1 Squad Container - RRP$19.95

Smiggle has a great collection of little snack boxes and lunch boxes that will be perfect for putting a smile on Missys face at break times.  These containers fit inside each other to save space! BPA free, dishwasher safe on top rack, microwave safe without the lid. Annnnnd they are matchy matchy to our lunchbox.

Sparkle Sand Alphabet Keyring - RRP $9.95

Add some sparkle to your world and personalise your bag, pencil case or keys with these awesome alphabet keyrings. Shake to see the metallic sand moving inside the colourful silicone letter. Another school tip! -  This is the one that Missy picked so she'll be able to distinguish her bags from all the other exact same school bags.  

Squad Drink Up Straight Bottle - RRP$16.95

Drink Bottles... Something we seem to go through a lot.  We picked this one because of its flip top spout, I loved its 660ml capacity - I'd much rather the kids came home with water rather than ran out and didn't refill so a bigger bottle is preferred by me. Its also- BPA free and Dishwasher safe on top shelf


All these goodies are currently available at Smiggle stores and online. Take a look because there is currently a few different specials and offers happening that are really good value.

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