LeapFrog makes toys and learning amazing fun.

 We have over the years had many LeapFrog toys and learning systems and have loved them all so when an opportunity to test out the new LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate was given we leaped for it (pun intended), Thank you LeapFrog for the opportunity. You can see more of LeapFrog products here

Leap Frog LeapPad UltimateLeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Review

The LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Is a tablet designed for kids. The 'Ultimate' is a redesign of a long standing product which we've used several times before over the last fifteen years of having kids. We've been using this one the 'LeapPad Ultimate' for a couple of months now and its great and I love the changes to design, the technology and the now huge collection of learning games, videos and ebooks.   If you are looking for a possible device for a preschool - K-2 then this is certainly a great option.  I suggest using the LeapFrog App Centre for your applications then you don't need to carry cartridges and grab a pair of LeapFrog head phones too.

- Easy to set up. Easy five steps to play.
- Rechargeable battery the Ultimate also comes with AC adaptor and a USB cable.
- 8GB of storage
- Handy stylus is attached with a padded top now which another updated design.
- You can easily set up multiple users
- Cameras and Video tool with some editing fun back grounds etc. so many selfie opportunities here.
- Comes with preloaded games, music, puzzles and videos.
- Easy to purchase and popular themed apps are available from the app centre on the tablet. We have just added Trolls which is really creative with lots of colour learning and Dory which is excellent intro to Maths onto our device. You can also get cartridges from leading retailers.

One of the best things I like about the Ultimate is its designed for little fingers to hold.   No more living in fear of a child dropping your phone or tablet?  The tablet has a protective bumper and a shatter proof screen so if it does cop a few knocks it should survive. Its outter bumper has a rubber texture so its not going to slip and its shape is much easier for small fingers to hold onto. Not that I'm going to test its bounce survival but it has had a couple of drops in the car and been carried around in backpack unprotected a lot so they are pretty hardy.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Review

Is it safe? - Yes, it has what they call "LeapSearch" which is a kids safe web browser displaying only kid appropriate content, web pages and videos that have been approved by LeapFrog. My five year old watches music videos a lot and I know i can leave her to it with the LeapPad and she'll be happy rather than some inappropriate stuff on you tube from my tablet.

There is also parental setting so all the buying from the App Centre can only be done through password control parent account no more "accidental" app downloads of goodness knows what.
There is also a handy time management function that you can set in parental settings so you can set limits for your child's use.

We've been really happy with the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate. I could happily recommend it to others.  Its been great to take to siblings sports, waiting rooms, long car trips, 5am mummy's bed visits, meetings and weekends away.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate is available now from Toys R Us, Big W and other leading retailers.




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