Stretch it out this Christmas

Stretch Armstrong

Ok Hands up if you remember Stretch Armstrong ?  Are you all too young?  Sigh....   Stretch Armstrong was this awesome stretchy man toy that you could twist and bend and he'd magically go back into shape. It was pretty cool in the 70's.

New Stretch Armstrong and Friends Review

Well like all good things they come back around and this year he's back. "The Original Stretch Armstrong" is looking good and stretchy you can still twist him and and then he pops back into his muscle-bound shape. RRP $49.99

Also this year you can get a "Stretch Justice League Batman" forever cool even when he's in a twist! RRP $49.99 With the new Justice League movie due out soon I'm sure there will be lots of Stretch Batmans on Christmas lists.

We've had lots of fun with the "Stretch Justice League Minis" RRP $29.99. You can collect Superman, Batman and Flash so they can fight evil together. Like all good fights of good verses evil the stretch minis will get out of their knots and return back to shape to save the day. The kids played with these guys over the last week and had lots of fun. The only thing I was really disappointed with was the fact you stretch and bend them makes the painted parts come off a little too quick. Within the first ten minutes Batman had lost some of his logo and Superman's red boots had started to come off which I guess is unavoidable with the way they are made and it didn't bother the kids at all but I think its something to note.

Aimed at the 5+ age due to the nature of the product and its internal content I'd have to agree I think this is something for the older ones. My nine year old had a good play with it and the nearly fifteen year old thought they were cool so maybe its on the pre teen/teen list. 

Stretch Armstrong and his Justice League mates are out now at all leading retailers.

 Stretch Armstrong


Many thanks to the Public Relations of Stretch Armstrong for the opportunity to try out the new Stretch Armstrong and his friends. We were gifted this product for which we are very grateful. All words, images and thoughts are our own.

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