Playskool Heroes

Finally some Star Wars fun for the little people.

There are lots of Star Wars toys available but nothing really for the little fans, with a new movie now out you can be sure this new range from Playskool are going to be very popular.

The PLAYSKOOL HEROES range from Hasbro are great for little people with no small pieces to swallow, small things to break or lose and nothing needs to be put together. Just play!  

The PLAYSKOOL HEROES range covers all the 'big boy' favourites including Star Wars, Transformers and some awesome Marvel characters.
So now the little ones can play just like the big kids, with age appropriate toys.

We love how they are easy to use and play with for little hands, strong and robust so there is hours of hero imagination play guaranteed.



Playskool Heroes


Galactic Heroes 2-Pack,
Your little one can pretend to help R2-D2 & C-3P0 navigate the terrain, and team up against the Dark Side; help Han Solo and Chewbacca figures outwit intergalactic gangsters; or help Rey stop the nefarious Captain Phasma figure, who is up to no good!
They are about 5cm tall and have move-able arms. The weapons stay in their hands so there is no losing them. My daughter also loves there is a Rey! She happily plays with just Rey in the X-wing Fighter for ages.  They are built to stand up which is great especially when there is little people trying to stand them.  Nice and easy to play with. They come in packs of two and there are a few to collect. RRP $9.99




Playskool  Heros


X-Wing Fighter,
Now even my eight year old was impressed with this. It is built for youngins but it does have projectile things so 3+ years. Its easy to use, can handle multiple drops out of the sky and a few crash landings but when there is a four year old pilot that has to be expected. The wings open easily so its ready to take off.
The X-Wing Fighter comes with Poe so you are ready to play straight away. There is even a spot for R2D2 in the top (not included, but comes in the 2-Pack Galactic Heroes above) RRP $39.99







This is a great range for the preschool and early primary age Hasbro recommend  3 - 7years old.

There is more to the Preskool Heroes range, they also come in Transformers and Marvel and i did see some Jurassic Park online which look pretty cool.

Thank you to Hasbro for the Preskool Heroes gift, we've had a great time playing Star Wars and look forward to collecting them all

Playskool Heroes


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