The next installment in Shoutykid



If you follow the series you will love this new book. 

 Shoutykid - How Harry Riddles Went Totally Wild

Another adventure for Harry this time his school holiday plans are ruined when his parents pack him off on a school trip to ‘Adventure Camp'  Harry is less than thrilled.

Harry had  planned to spend his holiday shooting zombies, not kayaking, abseiling and perfecting his archery skills!  Even worse than all the outdoor activities, Harry's been put in a dorm with his arch-nemesis Ed Bigstock!!!

Funny book which is designed for the middle grade readers.  Its not a story as such but a collection of letters, texts, emails and community forum chats that tell about the ups and downs and adventures of Harry at camp.

Written by Simon Mayle who grew up in the USA but now lives in Cornwall in the UK with his wife and their own Shoutykids. He works in film and TV and amongst his credits are ‘There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble’ - winner of a Brown Bear at Berlin Film Festival, Golden Griffin at Giffoni, best feature at Vienna and best feature at Kyoto.

Funny book which my 8yr old loved.  Reminds me a bit of Diary of a Whimpy Kid, i think if you enjoyed that series you will certainly enjoy The Shoutykid series.





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