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 Amazing to think that this manuscript was just laying around amongst the rest of his work in his office so many years after his death.  A buried treasure perhaps ?!

What Pet Should I Get?   by Dr Suess 

What Pet Should I Get Review

Its a very big question -  What pet should i get?!     As the brother and sister wander the store the options are endless.  From Dogs to Fish or maybe a Yent?    I guess its like most of the tough questions in life, you just have to make a decision, You have to just MAKE UP YOUR MIND.  

Thats what happens here the siblings have a decision made but how do they get to that decision you'll have to find out and what do they choose?  Well we can't ruin that for you either.

I was glad to see a new Dr Suess book i think perhaps i was more excited about it than my Cat In The Hat loving kids. 30 odd years later I still have my One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and i still have my Go Dog GO!  and although i liked this story it just didn't have the same love.   Maybe because I'm an adult?  Maybe because i know there are no Yents? 

Would i recommend it?  Yes of course its a Dr Suess!  Yes its a good book and i really enjoyed the Editors Note in the back, its a really interesting read.







 What Pet Should I Get Dr Suess  Review


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