Where does your food come from

Does your child know where their food begins?   This is such an interesting book for little people, they love to know where things come from and to see and learn about where their favourite foods come from is such an essential thing to know all about.

The ABC book of Food 

by Helen Martin, Judith Simpson, Cheryl Orsini

From the creators of other well known titles like THE ABC BOOK OF MACHINES, THE ABC BOOK OF DINOSAURS and THE ABC BOOK OF SEASONS this new picture book teaches through beautiful pictures how the food you love or maybe some new foods go from growing to processing to retailing to on your plate but in much more kiddy friendly detail. 

For example Flour is shown as wheat on the farm, grain on a truck to the mill,a mill and how the mill works to make flour and then how its packaged to sell. It then shows who and how flour can be used. There are full illustrations and wording to explain it all.

We found this book really interesting. We loved learning about honey, milk and eggs the most but there are lots of things to read about. Recommended for 2 - 6 year olds and available from March 2016.

The ABC book of FOOD



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