The New Girl In Town

Squishy Taylor is the Newest Girl in the book section, she funny and entertaining and your young reader is going to love her.

We've been reading Squishy Taylors first book and we are in love and cannot wait to read the next ones. Written by Ailsa Wild and illustrated by Ben Wood, Squishy's first book is released this month (February 2016) and it is a great introduction into Squishy and her world.

Squishy Taylor

Squishy Taylor and the Bonus Sisters

Sita Taylor aka Squishy lives with her Dad, Alice (her step-mum),her twin 'bonus' step sisters and her half baby brother. Squishy's mum works for the UN and is based in Geneva.  As with all 11 year olds there is lots of ups and downs with family and life but this fun, strong girl always makes the right decision in the end.  In this first book she trusts and is betrayed by her 'bonus' sisters and the girls find a problem to be solved when Squishy finds Not-John.

We really enjoyed this book it was easy to read, the kids had a couple of laughs, they could relate to situations and the family senarios.  I enjoyed reading it too, Squishy is a lovely character and I'd be happy for them to read more about her on their own.


Also released this month (February 2016)  is:

Squishy Taylor and a Question of Trust

Is the nasty neighbour a diamond thief?  He must be Squishy is so sure he is and so are the 'bonus' sisters the other members of the HRC.


Coming Soon:

March 2016  Squishy Taylor and the Vase that Wasn't

April 2016 Squishy Taylor and the Mess Makers



7 Things to know about Squishy Taylor

1. Shes funny, strong and a total daredevil.

2. Her curiosity and imagination always lead to mischief.

3. She's a great solver of mysterious mysteries.

4. Shes big-hearted with a soft spot for anyone needing help.

5. Shes the bravest of all her friends (even if sometimes its pretend bravery)

6. She sleeps in a triple bunk with her twin bonus sisters.

7. No-one knows how to deal with Squishy's wild hair - except her mum.



Squishy Taylor is the great work of Australian Author Ailsa Wild.  Ailsa has created a strong and likeable role model who is so easy to relate to and models her readers real lives.  The language and the way the book is set out with word art and illustrations keeps the young readers enthralled and they need to know what happens next.  The illustrations in the Squishy Taylor books are by Ben Wood, who helps create fun and adventure throughout the stories.


We are so looking forward to reading more about Squishy Taylor and her fabulous adventures.






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