Theres a new bird in "Little Live Pet's" town


We've all seen the television ad or seen big displays in nearly every retailer in the country. Little Live Pet's newest and smartest pet CleverKeet.

These little pets have been so popular havent they?  Butterflies, mice, turtles and birds Little Live Pet's have your new best friend covered and CleverKeet is one you really need to have a play with. We have loved playing with ours thanks to Moose Toys.

Little Live Pets CleverKeet - The New Bird in Town


CleverKeet sings

CleverKeet dances

CleverKeet has his own music, own swing, perch and cart

CleverKeet talks alot, knows his name and can repeat things back to you


We've been playing with "Bluey" (you can name your own and he will recongnise it)  for a few weeks now and he has been the best no mess, no fuss - robo pet!  He also gets along with the others pretty well.    Designed for 5+ but my 3year old has adopted it and although Bluey has copped a bit of rough treatment he still loves to dance and sing and repeat her funny words.  With a little guidance to start younger kids will be fine with one.

I'm not suprised this has one so many awards and seems to be topping all the toy awards for 2015.  Its a pretty cool tech toy.

Available everywhere!  around $80   It comes in Blue or Pink and it comes with all its accessories shown and with an adoption certificate.


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