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Razor A-Classic Style Scooter Review

They say the Razor A-Classic started it all, this "pop culture essential ride for anyone on the move".

I know we have certainly had a few scooters around our house over the last decade.  Ones for the bigger kids and little kids and toddlers. All sorts of styles and brands - some good and some not so great but i've learnt a few things over this trial and error of easy transportation.

You need a few things when buying a Scooter for a Child :

  • Adjustable height handlebars
  • Wheel break
  • Collapsible handlebars
  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • Lightweight

The Razor A-Classic has all these

I needed a scooter for my six year old, hes a big bike rider but hes found that most kids take the scooter to the park not the bike now and his "little" scooter just didn't make the cut.  I wanted something he could use straight away, not something he had to practice to master.  He wanted something "cool" not with pictures, not with extra kids stuff on them and it has to have two wheels only.  I needed something that was reasonably light and could be folded and put in the car with all the other scooters, bikes and stroller.  I do love how the Razor is easy to fold and and i can carry it easily and even better my six year can carry it if he wants.

Razor Scooter Review. A-Classic Scooter


I think the Razor A-Classic is a great first "big" scooter or a scooter your child just wants to use not do anything fancy schmancy with; all though Razor does have some very schmancy scooters that do some unreal things you can see them all here  Razor Scooter Products

Check out the madness of the crazy cart! How much fun would that be!

We've really enjoyed the Razor A-Classic, we've had it a month now and it is an everyday used Scooter. Its been tested and we haven't had a problem at all with anything.  My eldest also has a Razor Scooter although his is in the pro-series, we've had that for many years now and we can certainly say we have had more than our moneys' worth from it.   I think the Razor is a well known, established brand that you can be guaranteed you'll get a quality product with.


Razor A-Classic Features

razor scooter



  • Aircraft grade Aluminum Frame and deck
  • Adjustable height handlebar
  • Non slip padded grips
  • Easy lever to fold
  • Rear Break
  • Weighs only 2.72 kgs
  • Urethane wheels
  • Comes in: Black/Clear, Red, Blue, Green and Pink



Razor Scooters also do safety equipment!

Razor bike helmet

Razor Bike Helmets. I haven't seen these in stores but i have found them online.  I'm pretty impressed with its quality. Its very solid and sturdy and it seems to fit a lot better on the back of the head.  It is easily adjusted and has an exchange on padded inner lining.  I did wonder whether it would be uncool but we have had all three children fighting to wear it so i guess it is cool after all.  It also complies with Australian Safety Standards.


Thank you to Razor Scooters i was given an A-Classic Scooter to review.  All words are my own.  We've really enjoyed our Razor Scooters and could certainly recommend them from our experiences.



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