New Release Learning Toys from Leap Frog

Leap Frog are an innovative and loved education toy brand that has been used in our home for ..... well nearly fifteen years eep!
I love the learning and support the toys give and the kids love to play with them! They are toys that are played with over and over and over.

Leap Frog Fridge Numbers & Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo Review

There is a new exciting range of Leap Frog toys that will provide hours of fun for littlies. We have been lucky enough to have a look at what's coming or what's  new out now and have picked a couple of loves to share.

One of the first toys we had was an alphabet farm magnetic set each of our children played with it and whenever there was little ones around they would gravitate to it on our fridge to put animals together and sing. Sadly this stopped working recently and as much as i wanted to keep it.... I thought after fourteen or so years I need to let go - we did keep the animal puzzle parts though!  We also have had an aeroplane that did letters and sounds and we have a newer one now that is a school bus that does letter and phonic sounds.  These toys have been life savers for me having small children in the kitchen when cooking they entertain,sing, talk and the kids love learning with them so I was so pleased to see the Leap Frog Magnetic Fridge Numbers available too!

Fridge NumbersLeap Frog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo

(suitable for 2-4 years), RRP $29.95ea
Available in-store now, you can try Big W, Toys R Us and Independent Retailers.
Little ones can get an early start on numbers and counting with interactive tiles that talk, teach and sing. Fridge Numbers helps teach numbers one to 10 through matching play and fun songs and phrases.
Help Scout pack a picnic lunch, one yummy and nutritious food at a time! Place a number tile in Scout’s picnic basket to hear the number and count along with Scout. Place the matching food tile in Scout’s picnic basket to hear about numbers. The colourful tile reader and magnetic tiles stick to your fridge or any magnetic surface.
Its a great way to introduce colours, counting, matching and of course numbers.
A set of Fridge Phonics and Fridge Numbers will have the kids learning and having fun for .... years!





The Sing & Spin Alphabet Zoo Leap Frog Fridge Numbers

(suitable for 6-24 months), RRP $34.95
Available in-store August - Big W, Toys R Us and Independent Retailers.
Is our newest Leap Frog find and possibly a new future all time favourite. You know its a great toy for the nine month old when the five year old is reluctant to actually hand it over.
With the Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo you can discover the alphabet from Alligator to Zebra! Learn about animals and their sounds plus the letters A to Z with each spin of the wheel.
Little "O" loved batting the wheel again and again. He was fascinated with the Music, lights and swirling balls.  We LOVE all the noises from the animals we all had great fun copying the sounds - Jellyfish is my favourite.
There's three settings on it so you can play letters, play animals and noises or the third has a couple of songs. All the time there is lights and beads twirling and things to push and play with.
Great fun!  Put one away now for a Christmas winner.


There you go two of our favourites from the Leap Frog new releases. We have had lots of years with Leap Frog toys and can highly recommend them.  We were fortunate enough to be invited to have a look at the new range and were compensated to share them with you.  We hope you love them too.    Check them out in Big W, Toys R Us or here on the Leap Frog website.





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