Pot of tea time!

We made these Paper Plate Teapots with a few tea bags as a thank you for our Morning Tea Party.They were great as we used them as decorations first then took them off the wall to gift.
They are easy to make and a fun way to give an invitation, greeting card, Mothers Day, thank you or just brighten someone's day.  Great little craft for a larger group.

Paper Plate Teapot Craft

You'll need:
Paper plate
Coloured paper to decorate

To make:
You'll need a piece of cardboard to cover half the size of the paper plate, glue it on around the rim of the plate but not the middle part so it becomes a pocket.

Next you will need to cut and glue on a teapot lid, handle and spout.

Then its time to decorate your teapot we cut out some flowers from coloured paper but you could use whatever you have - glitter,stickers anything you like.

Pop in some of those individually wrapped tea bags and its done.

Paper Plate Tea Pots



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