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Our friends at CleverPatch have been very busy of late and I am truly impressed with their new creative solution business CleverDIY.   CleverDIY is a complete all in one creative project kit. It contains everything you need to give a child a complete hands on creative learning experience all the tools, materials, instructions, inspiration and I love that they all also allow for the childs own creative imagination.  


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We received the pack 'Transport' to trial. I didn't know what it would contain and was really impressed with the value for money it is.  There was more than enough of all the materials needed to complete the project and there was lots things to construct and complete. Our Kit contained five pieces to construct and paint which i think is fabulous value. We had a train, plane, car, rocket and sailing boat all of which were completely different in size and complexity.

The concept is great you buy a subscription which includes free freight and each month a CleverDIY creative project box arrives automatically for the child providing hours of fun. Great alternative to a new online game.

You can also buy the kits as a once off which is great and I have actually done this. I was so happy with our kit and thought is was such good value I have bought some Christmas and Bday presents.  They are easy to store so I bought a few. Will be handy when I need a pressie short on notice.

 “Its about kids getting back to basics...

exploring the how-to, making a bit of a mess and learning from the expirience” 

Grant Thomas – Co-Founder CleverDIY

CleverDIY  Clever Craft Project Kits for Kids


The kits are designed for 5 - 12 year olds my 7 year old loved it and confidently barreled ahead and my 3 year old did do one and helped with another. I think it would come down to the skills of the induvidual child.  This would be really nice to do together maybe for school holidays or to share with grandparents.

I really love the concept and the actual kits i think they are certainly worth looking at and having a go.  CleverDIY is part of the CleverPatch company which have supplied craft inspiration and goodies for a very long time now so i think this has been a very thorough planned and developed business. 


You can check out CleverDIY on their website

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