butterfly paper peg craft for kids

Simple and Pretty Butterfly Peg Craft for Kids


Peg these pretty Butterflies on a string and use them to hang to hang kids artwork.  Would make a nice Butterfly Party garland and could double to hold cards.  Easy craft to make its just the waiting time on the glue that is the delay.  You can use tape to stick down the paper doilies if you can't wait.

Butterfly Paper Peg Craft for Kids

You'll need

PVA Glue

Small Paper Doilies

Wooden Pegs

Small piece of Pipe Cleaner for Antennae

To construct

Now its as simple as folding the doilies almost in half; see in the image they are a little short of half. I also gave them a little fold to give them some dimension.  Just so they weren’t slow flat.

Glue the doilies onto the peg.

Fold pipe cleaner into v shape for antennae and glue onto peg.

Use another peg to hold down the doilies whilst the glue dries.

These look really pretty in a row or maybe you could colour the doilies before making them wings.

Paper Doily Butterfly Craft



















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