easter bunny bunting  fabric bunting 

 These are just too cute and easy to make


We loved making this Easter Bunting.  They are very simple to make and look really lovely all hanging up.  I love how they are all so unique in features. 

Easter Bunny Bunting With Fabric Scraps


You’ll need:

  • Bunny templates. I bought a pack of 20 foam bunny shapes from cheap store for $2 or you can make your own with card.
  • Scrap Fabric. We used scrap paper, old wrapping paper, card, foils which had all been cut up into smaller squares.
  • Glue.  You’ll need a craft glue we used just a regular PVA glue.
  • Paintbrush. To brush your glue on all over the
  • Decorate. We used googly eyes, scrap ribbon, buttons, cotton wool and pom poms to decorate our bunnies and give them features.
  • String for bunting.  We used bakers twine but you could use wool or ribbon.


How to:

  1. Using your brush paint glue over your bunny.   scrap fabric bunny bunting for easter
  2. Using your scrap fabric pieces glue them all over covering up all of the bunny.   You can either fold over on the sides or just trim the edges once its dry.
  3. Glue on the bunny features and leave to dry.   You’ll need eyes, whiskers and nose.  We also did some with hair bows or neck bows.
  4. We also did a couple from the back view so just the tail.
  5. Once they are dry.  You’ll be ready to attach them to your bunting string.  We laid the twine out then lay the bunnies out and planned where we wanted them to go. Once decided we glued the bunny to the twine.


Nice and easy and great if you have a few kids to all help make bunnies.



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