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Make an Easter Tree with the kids using real eggs!

We don't usually decorate the house for Easter but as the kids are getting older they're wanting to do more, have new challenges and create new things. I've made Christmas tree's in the past like this but never an Easter tree.

To create the tree part, simply find a few branchy twigs outside (the kids will love twig hunting). Place them in a vase, jug or pot. Secure the sticks with sand, rocks or pebbles. 

We were lucky to score these free range eggs on sale for $1 as their expiry date was closing in (I love a good sale!). We blew out 4 eggs and that was enough of a workout for this Mummies cheeks. See how to blow out an egg here:

Once the eggs were dry I threaded a fishing line through them and tied a knot at the other end. It was a bit fiddly but I think it was the best way to show them off. I did this step before the eggs were decorated so I could hang them immediately after so they could dry nicely. The kids were hanging out to decorate their eggs all day and thoroughly enjoyed doing it. You can use craft glue and stick on sequins etc. We kept is simple this time with paint and glitter glue.

To finish off our Easter tree the kids helped glue a few little Easter eggs to the branches and we hung some plastic coloured eggs that were given to the kids as gifts. 

There you have it, a simple and easy Easter decoration that the kids help create!

Do you decorate the house at Easter time?