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Message in a jar is a perfect gift idea! 

As soon as my partner and I found out he would be going on his first overseas deployment, I started thinking about things I could do/make to ensure he knew how much I loved and would miss him while he was away. Not only was I determined to make sure that he was left in no doubt about how amazing I think he is, I also wanted to make things that he could revisit while he was away and that would lift his spirits during the times when being far from home was particularly difficult. For these reasons, a message jar was the perfect idea! Here’s how I did it.

I then compiled a variety of messages made up of quotes about love, life, courage and family. It was important that the quotes were applicable to us, our relationship and to his life so I began compiling them a few months before he was due to leave so it wasn't a rushed process. For the other messages, I began each with 'I love...' and listed all the different things I love about my partner. Some were sweet, some deep, some funny and even a few cheeky ones were in there. I ended up with a 50/50 mix of quotes and 'I love...' messages but you could do any combination you choose.

I then transcribed each message onto a piece of silver paper with a thick black pen. You could type the messages if you wanted to but I think they look so much nicer hand written and it adds to the effect. Having said that, it was very time consuming and I had to write them about fifty at a time because the repetition made my hand hurt so much.

After writing each message, I cut it out and set it aside. Once I had written and cut out all the messages, I did a final proof read and count to ensure I hadn’t made any errors or missed any out (I recommend this step as I had done exactly that and was one short at the end).

Once I was happy with the proof reading and total count, I folded each message up (with the writing on the inside) by folding the paper in half and then half again. I did this for every message, regardless of size/length.

I purchased a large glass jar with airtight seal lid and decorated with ribbon at the neck. I used red and black ribbon to maintain as ‘manly’ a look as possible. I then placed all of the folded messages inside the jar, mixing them up in the process. I then replaced the jar lid to ensure no messages were lost.

Before he left, I gave my partner the jar and gave him instructions verbally to open a message each day he was away, but you could write a small note and hang it off the ribbon on the neck of the jar if you choose.

When I first decided to undertake this process I wasn’t sure how well it would be received given many men don’t often feel the need to highlight their feelings, but when I gave it to my partner it made all of the work involved (and RSI of the hand) worth it! He absolutely loved it! His reaction completely exceeded my expectations. He was so touched and it continued to be a talking point between us for the duration of his trip (he ended up reading me the messages he had opened each time we Skyped). He even brought the jar home with him, complete with every message, to keep and reread later, proudly displaying it on our lounge room bookshelf. For these reasons, this is one of, if not the BEST project I have ever done!

Guest Post by Natalie.   Thank you for the idea and for sharing -  Such a beautiful way to show love!  Just gorgeous xx 

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