snowman garland preschool craft

Simple Snowman Garland Fun


Do you want to build a snowman.....  maybe two or three..

Nice and easy preschool craft, great for cutting skills, drawing and gluing. 

Toddler Preschool Simple Snowman Garland

You'll need:

White card

Black card

Textas or markersToddler Preschool Craft Snowman Garland

Fabric scraps (or you could use other paper, card or ribbon)

Ribbon for garland string




How to:

Make your snowmen.  Using the white card cut out a snowman figure.  If you need to sketch a figure 8 and make the bottom bigger.  Cut it out and then trace the shape for you other snowmen then they will all be the same size.

Using your black card draw a hat shape. Do the same here use your first hat as the template and trace for the other hats.

Cut strips of fabric (or whatever medium you are using) for their scarves.

Assemble your snowman by gluing on his hat, then scarf.

Draw on your snowmans face

To attach to garland I dabbed a little glue along the ribbon and my daughter stuck them on, hence they are not even but you could line them up easy.



Toddler Preschool Craft Snowman Garland


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