Christmas Craft Ribbon Tree Canvas

This is a really quick, cute and cheap little hand made gift


This is really cute and would make a lovely little gift.  The kids and I always make my Nan who is in a nursing home on the other side of the country some decorations for Christmas for her room. We can't be there but i know she loves the kids craft and shows them of splendidly.  I thought this would be a lovely thing to hang on her door or wall this year.

 Christmas Tree Craft Ribbon Canvas

Ribbon Tree Christmas Canvas

for this you will need two lengths of ribbon i used

  • 2m 9mm green Grosgrain Ribbon. I did have a bit left over so probably 1 1/2m.
  • 2m 22mm red Grosgrain Ribbon.
  • a glue gun
  • and i used some pearl embellishments and a glitter bow 

All these items are available from Sarah Lauren.

This craft was made as part of a Christmas Craft Challenge with products from Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion.

How to make

1. Take you lengths of Ribbon and cut them in the lengths you want for your tree. It really depends on the size and shape of your canvas to what lengths they need to be.  If you'd like to start with 2cm branch then double it to 4cm and cut. Remember you need a little overlap for gluing.   I made them about 1 cm longer as i went down.   The repeat with the smaller width ribbon and i made those about 1/2 cm shorter in legth so they stayed inside the red ribbon.

2. Each length of cut ribbon glue the ends together to form loops.  Remember to keep the edges glued minimal just so they are together.

3. Then with your loops dab a small amount of glue in the middle of the inside of the loop to form a bow. Do this for all the Ribbon.

4. Glue the thinner ribbon to the middle of the wider ribbon. The middles should all align.

5. Now start at the top and glue your first piece of tree to the canvas.  Make sure you've laid them out and know exactly where you want them to go. Glue each piece to the canvas.

6. You should have a small piece of ribbon left over fold it over and glue it to the size you'd like for the trunk.

7. Now you can glue your embellishments. These pearls are nice or you can get diamond or coloured or even buttons would work.

8. It does need finishing off this ribbon length across the bottom make a nice border. I carried it right around the sides to the back of the canvas so no ends were showing.

9. The glitter bow just sits nicely glued in the middle.


Christmas Ribbon Tree Craft





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