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Got the kids and yourself booked in for next seasons sport?   We are and there is always lots to organise with it all; boots tick, uniforms tick, registration fees tick  and most importantly but always the thing last on my list is the mouthguard.   As someone who has actually lost teeth playing sport, mouthguards are compulsory in our family but its the thing I dread organising the most.

Gameday Mouthguards Review

The dentist trip is just another expense, another thing to fit into a busy week and seriously its the dentist and I'd rather go anywhere else.
The cheap ones are rubbish lets face it. They don't fit properly, the kids hate them and to get them to wear them is nothing short of a miracle.   Yep I have the kids who chew them, store them in their footy socks, spend the game flicking it around in their mouths and almost in tears pre match because they don't want to wear one.

Well my son has spent the Summer season wearing one of these Gameday Mouthguards.

We have had such a great season with it, so much so that i totally forgot all about the mouthguard being an issue in our lives and that I was supposed to review it!   My son just wears it without a problem, without a complaint, I don't have to yell from the sideline to put in his mouth and I don't have to think how much damage he is doing to his mouth with the crappy ones we've had in the past. Its held up really well, there is no chewed ends, no gum hurting and he says it feels light and not hard in his mouth.  We might be able to get a Winter season out of it too.

Gameday mouthguards is a brilliant innovation backed by Essendon coach John Worsfold, who is a director of the company. The CEO Matt Weston is a former basketballer and talent scout for NBA team the San Antonio Spurs. Sports professionals who I am sure have worn their fair share of Mouthguards!

The process is so easy!  
Forget taking the kids or yourself to the dentist for a fitted (generally expensive) mouthguard. These come to you.  You order one and it arrives in your letterbox,  simply fill in form, watch the you tube video - a couple of times to be sure, make your fitted mould and pop it back in the post.   So simple.    Ever taken three kids to the dentist at once .....  opposite expedience to that!

I don't need to drag kids to the dentist,  take anyone out of school for an appointment,  cringe at how much the dentist bill is and hubby doesnt need to take time off from work to get his fitted.  Gameday Mouthguards is such a great concept i wish i had thought of it.

The Gameday mouthguards are Australian made, come with a 1 year warranty and they have free shipping.   They are really reasonably priced and come in a range of coulours.  One of the things i have loved about it is that you can have something imprinted inside the mouthguard.  So ours has my sons name and my mobile number.  So I can be assured that no one else will be wearing his mouthguard and if he loses it, which of course sometimes happens hopefully I'll get a call when its found.  The customer serivce i have had was great and we'll certainly be using Gameday Mouthguards again. Thanks to Gameday for the opportunity to use your mouthguards, this post is sponsored as per our disclosure policy Type 1.

You can check out Gameday Mouthguards below on their website.

Gameday Mouthguards 


Gameday Mouthguards



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