Well if a Kardashian can do it ...  




This game is becoming huge.  Its an internet sensation having been seen on talk shows in the U.S. and Australia.
Melissa McCarthy is so funny - google it and yep a Kardashian did it on Ellen.

Mouthguard Challenge

The Mouthguard Challenge concept is easy, you read, sing, explain etc.  out the words on a card and your opponents have to guess what you're saying. Difficulty is that you are wearing this ridiculous mouthguard prop in your mouth that provides the challenge to talk.  Ridiculous and Hilarious!

The game includes 5 mouthguards, 51 challenges, extreme challenges and revenge cards.    There are some challenges that require other props but i think most you probably have on hand. 

The game is designed for 16+  so not for the kids.    You'll also need towels for the drooling  and its a good idea to have wine on hand. 

Pretty funny and certainly not your average board game.  

Available at Kmart for RRP $10


Mouth Guard Challenge

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