Scooby Dooby Doo where are you ?

Scooby-Doo and the Gang in their newest live musical adventure. It will feature big-musical numbers, stunning multi-media content and kooky characters that pay homage to classic video games.   We were very lucky to be given tickets to check out the show.

Scooby Doo Live!  Level Up 

In this Scooby Do Adventure Level Up the setting is around an all new technology shop, Killertech, which has just opened in Crystal Cove and the retro games arcade next door.  There is a plot to shut down the much loved arcade and then more trouble lurks when Scooby and The Mystery Inc Gang get trapped inside a virtual world of creepy gaming ghosts! Can they unravel this digital mystery in time?

 My kids all loved this show but for different reasons.   Its Scooby Doo so of course everyone wanted to see it!   My four year old didnt really get the story but she loved seeing Scooby Doo and she loved the dancing and singing.   The boys liked the story it definitely appealed to them and they did find quite a few bits funny and joined in with the show which i didnt think they would - i was really glad they got right into it.

Our actors did a fabulous job, I loved Velma and Shaggy, so well done.  The show moved pretty fast between scenes and there was always a lot happening to keep everyone entertained.   Its really interactive with everyone needing to wear their Boggle Goggles to help the Mystery Inc gang spot any spooky activity. 

There is a few Ghosts and Spooky creatures but they really arent scary at all.  I thought my four year old might find it a bit scary but not at all. I dont think there is any concerns there, the cartoons are way scarier.

The whole show goes for about an hour. 30 minutes then 20 minute intermission and then another 30minutes.

Its a good show, suitable for a wide range of ages. Fun and very interactive.  Everyone loves Scooby Doo!



 Next locations on the Scooby Doo Live!  Level Up Tour are:

Tuesday 19 July 
Adelaide Entertainment Centre Theatre     


Saturday 23 July 
Riverside Theatre, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre            


You can get more information from:  

Official Website 
Facebook Page


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