Dreambaby®  Stroller Hooks and Clips Review


Dreambaby® has a variety of hooks to suit your needs. All are built to last, are lightweight, sturdy, durable, versatile and can be easily used with one hand. They are all made with non-toxic materials.

 Dreambaby Hooks


The Dream Baby® Stroller Hook fits virtually all stroller handles. It is a heavy-duty hook that won't slide or break as it is covered with a grip material (as is the combination lock hook also shown).  The Dream Baby® Stroller Hook is great for: handbags, nappy bags of all sizes and weights, clothing, toys and/or groceries. As well as attaching to your pram/stroller it can attached to a shopping trolley, keeping your handbag at a height so you don’t have to have it on your shoulder or under the pram (so you don’t need to bend down).

Product code F224 RRP$8.95


Dreambaby® Stroller Clips are ideal for strollers with skinnier handles as they are narrower. These hooks are great for shopping bags in particular or bags with thinner handles, and have two sides of each hook that bags can be attached to.

Product code F270 RRP$6.95


Dreambaby® Clip Buddy™ was my personal favourite, as it has a really strong Velcro strap that can be looped around and secured on any size pram/stroller handle. The carabiner style hoop is not as large as some others, but fits a surprising amount of bags and handles weighty parcels easily.

Product code F271. RRP$5.95


Dreambaby® Stroller Hook with Combination Lock has all the same features just described, but has the added security of having a combination lock so that all of your bags are wells secured and cannot be unclipped from the hook. You can set your own easy-to-remember combination (helpful if you still suffer from baby brain like myself!)

Product code F294 RRP$11.95



Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Stroller Clips. These stroller clips are a great way to keep a muslin cloth attached to the pram, protecting my little one from the sun and wind when we’re out and about. They are lightweight but strong, keeping the cloth attached securely.

Product code F2210 RRP $12.95






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