The Goat Skincare Range 

The Goat Skincare Range

The Goat Skincare range is made in Australia proudly by australian owned and run family business.

The products are created with pure and natural ingredients including quality goats milk sourced in Victoria.

The Goat Skincare Range

I love them all...   I can say that right?   I had seen them around but hadn't really tried them. I'd seen them at a media showing but its hard to try shampoo when you are out in public and working.   So the lovely people at The Goat Skincare Range sent me some products to try (at home in my own shower) and they are as gorgeous as i had hoped.  Here are our favs:


The Goat Skincare Shampoo & Conditioner

I love this in my kids hair.  It makes them smell gorgeous, the kids are already gorgeous of course.  My kids do a lot of swimming and I do try and find product with minimal chemicals to wash all the chemicals off.  The Shampoo and Conditioner wasn't my favourite for my hair, not sure why but my daughter has fine, long hair which easily tangles and really can be the bane of my life and we both love it in her hair.  It does seem easier to manage. It foams less when using it, smells nice and I'm sure contributes to her hair manageability. Can recommend it for the kiddies all three of mine really like them,

The Goat Skincare Body Wash Lemon Myrtle

I looooooove the Lemon Myrtle body wash.  Its like a berocca in my shower.  Need a pep up?, a spring and an energetic boost to your day?  well this body wash is for you.  Perfect wake up stuff in your morning shower.   Its soft, easy to use, feels good and doesn't dry your skin.   I sometimes let the kids use it mostly i hoard it for myself.

The Goat Skincare Moisturising Lotion

Non Greasy, easy to use and apply, not too thick or thin (It is a lotion not a cream - although they do have a cream if you're looking for one) and once again the smell is beautiful. The smells stays with you a while,  great everyday moisturiser and love the pump pack.  Great to slip some on the kids as they are getting in their pjs after a busy long day. Leaves you feeling moisturised, smelling pretty and non greasy which is essential.  Comes in a bigger 1ltr bottle I noticed too so that'll be practical for the family.

The Goat Skincare Bar Soap

The Manuka Honey Goats Milk Soap was my choice. Its a rich and moisture filled soap, its very gentle and doesn't leave your skin dry at all.  I was a little bit disappointed there was no pretty smell like you get with the Lemon Myrtle but its richness and suitability for dry skin in a bar soap I'd certainly buy again.   There are a few flavours for you to try: Manuka Honey, Lemon Myrtle, Oatmeal, Chamomile, Chia Seed Oil and just regular Goats Milk Soap.


 The Goat Skincare Range


Check out the whole The Goat Skincare Range here on their website all products are available for purchase from the website and selected Pharmacies



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