W7 Cosmetics Review

So far we're loving the range from W7 cosmetics.

W7 Cosmetics Review

I don't really know but when i go to buy cosmetics i tend to stick to the same brands, same store and honestly the same boring colours (yes fashionistas roll your eyes here). So when i was asked to test out the W7 Cosmetics range I thought well yeah why not I really should give it a go.  Not having a clue what they were sending me (I'm a bit like that - if you're  going to try something new just jump in and work it out later).

We were pretty impressed with the W7 range, its a pharmacy brand (that we found mostly at Chemist Warehouse) and it sells at VERY reasonable pricing.  The brand has been around a while and is from the UK so the products are well liked.   We think that these products are great for the young and trendy with lots of sizes, colours, styles .....  theres lots to choose from.

Heres a few from the range: W7 Cosmetics Review

Show Stopper Black Mascara

The Show Stopper Black mascara is a great, every-day-wear mascara for precision and length. It's easy to apply, with one quick coat over the eyelashes enough to give you an even coverage. So far it's showing no signs of clumping, and the brush gives a nice even spread on the eyelashes. So if you've got fine eyelashes like me, you don't have to worry about them sticking together and losing all of that length and thickness!

The only caveat to the Show Stopper Black mascara is that is a little light on the oomph, and you'll need some serious eye makeup remover in the evenings to keep your face fresh. So if like me, you tend to either a) speed wash your face in the shower and couldn't be bothered to learn the difference between eye makeup remover and eye makeup cream cleanser, or b) you skip washing your face altogether because you're just too tired, you can expect some decent panda eyes in the morning.


Light Diffusing Concealer Stick

The W7 Light Diffusing Concealer stick is easy to use, and a gem handbag item! It's nice and compact so it'll fit in your purse, or your handbag, or even stylish enough to whip out of your coat pocket for on-the-go touch ups.

Unlike other concealers where you either have to try and squeeze out the tiniest minuscule amount, or dip your fingers into, the W7 concealer brush makes covering those baggy tired eyes a breeze.

It has a nice texture and blends well into the skin, brightening baggy eyes and tired dry skin.

Just be super careful with the twister cap as its responds better to nice gentle handling.


BB Magic Cream

The BB Magic Cream is my new favourite for skin perfecting foundation. It keeps my skin looking moist and healthy whilst giving me well rounded even coverage without having to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning evening out foundation colours with a makeup brush.


W7 Sexy Eyes

Perfect for Saturday night smokey eyes or that dinner date wow factor.   I also threw it in my carry on bag and its perfect for quick touch ups whilst out and about.  I do like this greys colour palate but they have lots more to choose from.


W7 Lip Bomb

This was my least favourite BUT my niece loved it and told me all about it so i am thinking its for those cooler and trendier than me and i'll stick to some of the W7 "Kiss" lipsticks that once again have a huge colour colour range - one for every occasion.

The W7 Lip Bomb does stay on and has a range of fruity flavours. Cute and Glossy in a handy little tub that can be carried around with ease. 


W7 Cosmetics Review



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