Star Wars Story-Time Saga

Heres a great couple of new stories for the younger Star Wars enthusiast

 Star Wars Story Time Saga Review

The books are designed for young readers and are inspired by the Original Trilogy: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

They have the original characters in them and the stories are easy to follow the wording is set with lots of word art to encourage the expression in the story which is fun.  Designed for 3 years plus.


When Princess Leia Met The Ewoks

The only problem my three year old daughter has with this book is that her hair is not done like Princess Leia!  Its just not her.  I kinda agree i wonder why the didnt put her hair up in side buns but never mind.

Princess Leia is on a mission to the forest moon when she meets a tribe of furry Ewoks who are holding her friends hostage. Together the Rebels and the Ewoks destroy the new Death Star.


When The Rebels Saved Han Solo

This book follows the story of how the Rebels rescued Han Solo in Return of the Jedi.  He is frozen by Jabba and his friends go to save him. The kids liked this story best.  It is easy to read and they love the wording making the pictures.



Star Wars Story Time Saga Childrens Books

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