Smash Insulated Lunchboxes 

Innovated lunch box from Smash


Smash the lunch box people have some great new releases for your back to school needs.

Making Lunch in a Smash Box

We're loving the new innovated insulated "Smash Box". One of the problems my kids have with the old style is they take the lunch box out of the insulation at recess and don't put it back in so it totally defeats the purpose of packing it in in the first place.  These new lunch boxes stay in the insulation! They don't need to move it at all. Perfect. It also just clips off if you need to remove it for washing.

Smash Lunch Buddies

They have two compartments a Sandwich side and a Snack side both pretty deep which is good for muffins or whole fruit.  Smash Box comes with a leak proof container for yoghurt, fruit salad etc that slots in nicely and doesn't fall around in the compartment.  The sandwich side has a newly designed sandwich seatbelt to hold your sandwich down. You can also get something in above the sandwich belt, a great spot for a Smash "Lunch Buddies" (pictured right) that come in a set of 8 little containers. Perfect size for the little fruit n veg break before recess.

All pieces go in the dishwasher (top rack). You can remove the insulation cover when you dont need it and there are four colour combos to choose from. 

These insulated Smash Boxes, the Smash Buddies and the Sandwhich Cutter seen in the video below are available in Supermarkets.

Thank you Smash for sending us some lunch boxes for the new year. They were straight into them and have been mixing and matching cutters and containers all week.  xx








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