A classic enticingly retold with stunning illustrations


This is a beautiful retelling from Hoffman's Classic Christmas tale. 

"A little girl is the key to a Nutcracker's freedom.

The Nutcracker, in turn holds the key to the little girls heart."


This book will have you engrossed, its tale is quite long, comprehesive and emotive.  The Illustrations are really quite amazing, they are so detailed and meticulous.

I think this story would suit a child from 8 up to an adult.  The story quite long though fairly easy to read, my younger children did get a little lost.  The quality of the story and illustrations i think would make it a lovely keepsake.

Marie is a soft hearted and sometimes lonesome child who is the only hope to Mr Drosselmeier. Marie and Fritz join their parents and guests in the parlour one Christmas Eve where the room is filled with the Christmas tree decorated with "gold painted apples and pears, marzipan flowers, candied peel blossoms and tiny lights". Marie sees a gift amongst all the others ... a wooden manikin who is so sad and endearing that she can't help herself but cradle him in her arms.  Ahh yes you're right hes the Nutcracker.The story is retold by Margrete Lamond and Illustrations are by Ritva Voutila.

Certainly a lovely book to gift and treasure. Available now at leading retailers.

The Nutcracker retold by Margrete Lamond



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