Shopkins  Review

Are you an owner of one of the 100 million?


Over 100 million Shopkins have been sold since their launch in late 2014. The YouTube webisodes have been viewed more than 30 million times and the Top 5 video views are just staggering.

This Christmas sees the Shopkins getting some new friends that I'm sure will be on a few lists!

Shopkins The International No1 Toy Sensation

Shopkins  Review


Shopkins Shoppies   

Heading out for a day shopping?  Your Shoppies would love to come!  These gorgeous little lasses are perfectly attired and each with their own special look and hairstyle. Each Shoppie also comes with two exclusive Shopkins Characters.

RRP $16.99







Shopkins Fashion Boutique   

Need somewhere to keep and play with your growing Shopkins collections?  Check out the boutique.  Ride the elevator up, get changed in the change room and then slide back down. There is lots of room to store and play.

RRP $44.99









Shopkins Ice Cream Truck   


First vehicle in the Shopkins range is sure to be a winner.  Need to beat the heat?   Shopkins Scoops is for you and your Shopkins. Chill out under the umbrella with some sweet friends. Invite all your Shopkins over for an icecream there is plenty to share.  Comes with two exclusive characters.

RRP $29.99












Shopkins are available in all leading retailers.


Check ou the free Shopkins app for even more fun

note: We have played with a couple of Shopkins lately (and we have already added to that collection) This post is sponsored  Type 1 as per our Disclosure policy.


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