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Did Santa get a pet request?


Pets always come up on the lists for Christmas dont they. Whether you do have, have had or can't have  there is usually a pet on there.  Why wouldnt the kids love a pet to play with and hold and look after ..... wait what ?  look after ? 

Introducing  Little Live Pets!  ok not so new but haven't they been popular.  Right now they are my favourite pets. The ones that the kids can play with, make noise with, take with them on outings, take to bed with them and pretend feed with pretend food.  Best of all about these pets is they switch off!  They can chat, run, swim or whistle whatever their cool little techy features are all day and then when mummy has had enough i can switch them off.

I dont have to worry that someone just stood on a mouse, threw a turtle in the pool or stuffed a poor whistling robin into a very small pink and glittery handbag.  They are perfect for kids when you just can't have real pets right now.

Little Live Pets - The Pets for Christmas

Little Live Pets have let us play with some of their new pets and we actually have a growing collection now.  Here are the ones we love and think will be pretty popular this Summer. 


Little Live Pets Lil' Mouse Little Live Pets Mouse

These cute little things are in my opinion way better than a real one.  I dont mind holding these.   They have a softy feel and scurry about and squeak. They are always in a hurry and i love how they just guide themselves around hit something and turn.  My kids love these. You will need tiles or wood floors for them to run on not carpet.

You can buy them as a single mouse or you can get a mouse and a house which i'd reccommend then you have somewhere for them to run in, it has a wheel and and keeps it all contained.  You can also buy a 'Lil' Mouse Play Trail' which is like a racing track with tunnels and things for the mouse to turn in.




Little Live Pet's CleverKeet Little Live Pets

Going to be the hottest toy this Christmas I believe, its certainly picking up lots of awards.  Its a very smart and pretty cool bird who has many talents. He sings, dances and talks. It comes fully accessorised with swing, perch, dance perch, mirror and moving cart that it pushes itself.  The talking phrases are pretty impressive, has a record/playback option and can recognise its own name when you name it.

We did a review and video on CleverKeet you can watch it here.






Little Live Pets Lil' OwlsLittle Live Pets Owls

These are sweet is a Mumma Owl and a Baby Owl together in a pack.  They sing together and are happy together. If you separate them they will call for each other.  They sing songs and once again they record and playback your words which is fun. My three year old loves these a lot they are a good pair if you are just after something small.






Little Live Pets Turtle

Little Live Pets Lil' Turtle

The Little Live Pets Lil' Turtles walk and swim in water just like a real Turtle. Comes with his own Carry tank.  They are super cute and like the other ranges there is a few different ones to choose from or collect.  You can get the Turtle on its own as well but having the tank is handy small space for water when you don't want kids throwing turtles in the pool or running a bath for a Turtle.




All Little Live Pets are available at leading retailers.

You can see the range on their website click here


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there is also now a Little Live Pets App


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