rimmel london scandaleyes and oh my gloss review  

Rimmel London two new products for you to see and a video


Rimmel London sent me these products to try and to share with you IF i liked them. I love my gloss's and i like to use the mascara but its not everyday for me - might be for you, details are below.

Available at leading stores now.

Scandaleyes XX-treme rimmel london scandal eyes

Do you get comments when you where mascara?   I dont think i ever had well if i had its been a long while. The first day i wore the new Rimmel London Scandal xx-treme Mascara i knew it looked completely different but i didnt know anyone else would notice, but they did!

If you like to have bold lashes everyday then this is for you.  Have to say i dont wear it everyday because as the name suggests its XX-treme, so for me it is a special mascara the one i wear going somewhere special, meetings etc not the one i wear to pick up the kids or to do the shopping. If you like to be made up confidently and boldly this is for you. The brush also allows for more creativity and control so if you like that, give it a go.

I like the dual brush idea; Curved side: Volumises and loads up lashes for xx-treme look. Flat side: Defines and lengthens lashes from root to tip. No clumps.  I did have to play with it a couple of times to get it right.

You can check out Scandaleyes XX-treme here





Oh My Gloss! rimmel london oh my gloss

Is my new favourite.  I dont like sticky gloss and this isnt sticky at all!  love it.  I actually forget i'm wearing it which is great.  Its available in 8 shades of shimmery pink through to red but there is also a clear one which is nice.  I have a few shades now but the "purrr..glossy cat" is my favourite (pictured right)

You can check out "Oh My Gloss!" products here


Up to 6 hours of colour, shine, comfort and moisture for your lips.
• Lip Loving gloss with Argan Oil and Vitamin E.
• Featuring Rimmel’s ‘Gloss Lock’ technology, which delivers an elevated, long-lasting 3-dimensional shine.
• Non-sticky, lightweight and comfortable to wear






I'd love to give you some tips on makeup but although i wear it everyday and love to share a good product when i find it, i really dont think i'm the beauty blogger. I have followed SparklesAndSuch26 for a while now and yes she is a LOT younger than me (and talks much faster) she also has far better skills. 

A couple of months ago she posted this video which gave me two fabulous mascara tips - but i wont share you'll have to watch the vid.

You can also follow her on you tube and on facebook.  Thanks Sparkles for letting me share your work xx


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