Camp Quality creating a better life for every child in Australia with Cancer


Camp Quality

Some people are just amazing.  Those who take a vision and see it through and do something pretty outstanding with their lives. Like Vera Entwhistle who in 1983 started living her vision of creating a camp for children living with cancer. Somewhere for them to enjoy the recreational activities that they have probably missed out on through their illness.  That was 1983. Now there are 13 offices in every state and territory and they run over 240 camps and fun days and they perform to over 250,000 school children each year.  amazing.


The Camp Quality purpose is to provide a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia

Camp Quality Credo

  • We're for life
  • We're for creating a better life through the cancer journey
  • We're for helping families and kids at every stage, in many ways
  • We're for making a difference that has kids feeling on top of the world
  • We're for positive thinking, an optimistic attitude and the glass half full
  • We're for laughter and for helping kids believe that that world is a great place
  • We're for the resilience and self esteem that get kids out of bed and into life
  • We're for impeccable integrity and being honest to a fault
  • We're for hope
  • We're for fun
  • We're for life

Camp Quality Programs

"For the last 30 years we have been supporting children with cancer, their siblings and parents, throughout their journey. Our programs use education, performance, recreation, respite and play to build optimism, resilience and supportive networks for families.All our programs 100% free of charge."

These programs are delivered across primary schools, pediatric oncology wards, recreational facilities and homes Australia-wide.

  • Family Support Programs
    Improving a family's quality of life through practical support tailored to their needs throughout their cancer journey.
  • Hospital Programs
    Helping children deal with cancer inside and outside hospital through procedural education, information, distraction and structured play.
  • Education Programs
    Transforming lives by helping children and teachers learn how to create a supportive school community for children living with cancer and their families.
  • Recreation Programs
    Helping kids and their families embrace normality and celebrate life, in a fun, supportive and stimulating environment where optimism and relationships thrive.

 If you would like to know more about Camp Quality you can find them by clicking here


I was fortunate to hear about Camp Quality and its brilliant work with Australian Children living with cancer and their families, through the following event :




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