httyd2 how to train your dragon 2

Today is Dragon Day the release of HTTYD2


Today is Dragon Day! 

A day to fight Dragons? ....  well if you see one - good luck   but it is also the day that "How To Train Your Dragon 2" is released on DVD

I took the Children to a little event the other day in the lovely surrounds of Centennial Park in Sydney to do a little Dragon Training !

To celebrate the release of How to Train Your Dragon 2 on Blu-ray and DVD on Dragons Day12 November, the kids were invited to an intimate Viking Training Academy where they met the famous and courageous Gobber, learnt to defend themselves against Gronckle and learnt some special moves to take on any kind of dragon from their favourite Viking friends.

httyd2 how to train your dragon 2

After that a little shield painting, because you need a special sheild when fighting with Dragons.

httyd2 how to train your dragon 2

 We topped off our day with some Dragon kite flying.

Thanks to Fox Home Entertainment for the lovely day, looking forward to buying a copy of How Train Your Dragon 2 !




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