Silicone Necklace Review

Jelly and Bananas Review

Jelly & Bananas Review

If you have had a baby you'd understand that wearing jewellery can be tricky, they are forever trying to pull it and chew it.  It probably tastes good and its shiny and you can grab at it why wouldn’t you ?!  It just isn’t particularly safe and having baby yank on your expensive necklace or diamond charms really isn’t ideal. 

A Queensland mum, Jelly and Bananas owner says "The concept began when as a new mum who loved to wear jewellery I found it hard to find safe alternatives to wear around my children. I became concerned about what they were putting in their mouths and the need to make sure they were as non toxic as they were stylish. I wanted to be able to still 'be me' and be practical and safe too" 

So Jelly and Bananas is her fabulous business with lots of options for you to choose from.  Her ranges include the Silicone Jewellery, Mommy Necklaces and NEW DIY Silicone Beading Supplies so you can create with your own style.

 Silicone Jewelery reveiw

Silicone Jewellery

This range has wonderful, colourful and stylish teething jewellery made from Lead free, BPA free, PVC free and Phthalate free, food grade silicone.  The Silicone Jewellery meets Australian Safety Standards and is 100% non toxic and food safe in a range of colours and styles.


Mommy Necklaces

This range are made in the USA and are non toxic.  This range is not for chewing on but can be played with so an ideal entertainment for little fingers whilst feeding.  The also feature a break away clasp so if pulled on wont choke poor mummy.  

I like this range as they don’t look like baby chewing jewellery, they are stylish, fun and there is a great range available.   I was given the "Designer Colour Block" style in "Motley" colour choice and i love it. Its a great everyday necklace that people always comment on. Its is really strong and very comfortable to wear.


DIY Silicone Beading Supplies  

Great idea!  Would you like to make your own ?  Have some clothing you want to match with ? How about a gift for a soon to be mum, so she can make something of her own choice?  Then this is for you.  You can also get the Nylon thread and breakaway clasps.

This weekend there is a brilliant sale on! 

There is also games and fun to be had over on the Jelly and Bananas Facebook Page!




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0 # Sheridan Anne 2014-09-08 00:13
What a cute necklace?! I don't have a baby and I'd love one! Haha.
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0 # swarovski uk 2014-12-13 17:15
Pleasing jewelry, all the pieces are beautiful and unique.http://w ww.jewelryswaro ki-pendants.htm l
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