F A B they are back!  Thunderbirds Are Go


thunderbirds are go

International Rescue is back!  Thunderbirds Are Go is a major new children's series remastered for modern audiences with a mix of cgi animation and live action model sets. The Tracy boys are all there Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan as well as Lady Penelope & Parker. Add a couple of new characters and of course Brains and its all go Thunderbirds go for International Rescue

Thunderbirds Are Go Vol 1 and Vol 2 DVD Review

My kids have loved the new series.  Its action packed, suspenseful and entertaining. They are playing "Thunderbirds" just as we did oh so many years ago!  I like the new series, they are well animated and kitted out to protect us in the year 2060.  They are still funny looking! I don't know, i wonder if they have tried to keep some of the odd characteristics of the puppets. Lady Penelope who i was most interested to see is really strange looking and i wish they had given her more of a vintage style car - but glad its still pink and grand!

Grandma and Brains upkeep Tracy Island and the Thunderbirds respectively as the  Tracy boys save the world.  The Hood sure is out to take over the world and the Thunderbirds must come and save the day.

I feel the age bracket is more for younger kids this time 4 - 10yrs.  I read that it was for older but i think although action packed it lacks a little in the story for older attention spans.  My 3, 7 and 12yr olds have loved watching the new Thunderbirds Are Go. Although good vs evil and dangerous and dramatic story lines  I don't think it is violent at all and think it would be suitable for a wide audience.


I think the new series is F A B and would a great edition to the family DVD library.

Thunderbirds Are Go Volume 1 and Thunderbirds Are Go Volume 2 are available on DVD from June 24th 2015


thunderbirds are go


We were given a copy of this DVD to review. All views and words are our own.



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