Poldark Series 1 Review

Popular Poldark Series One Review

Have you seen Poldark?   If you haven't i suggest you do have a little look. It is released on DVD 03/06/2015.Poldark Series 1 review

Apart from the picturesque coastline of Cornwall and the leading man eye candy the series is really enjoyable. 

Poldark Series One Review

Adapted from the novels by Winston Graham this series was made originally in the 1970's and was incredibly popular.

This 2015 remake has been renewed for a second series. In the meantime you have plenty of time to catch up on this 8 episode series one, available 03/06/15 on DVD.

The story evolves as Captain Ross Poldark returns to Cornwall after three years of fighting in the American Revolutionary War.  His father has passed away, his family estate has been left to ruin and the love of his life is now engaged to someone else.  

The poor lad gets to work, amongst the drama of his cousins wedding, his uncle making persuasive propostions and getting into dramatic fights over his new house staff the first episode concludes and you're ready to binge watch the next.

Captain Poldark endevours to rebuild his family fortune and estate and not with out many betrayals, romances and dramas.





 I find the series easy and interesting to watch.  There are battles without the gore, there are many trials and tribulations, there is love and romance and best of all a story that can be easily followed.   Great night time TV watching after a busy day.

A good first series that i've really enjoyed. looking forward to the second series.



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0 # Hope 2015-06-05 20:54
Wow love it, sounds like I'll be adding this to my list of binge watching tv shows. x
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